Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jazzy Man

Great day at work today. Beach volleyball, small fire, and getting to work with a fun crew. I think I laughed so hard I have a six pack (I wish)... My partner and I were assigned to cook lunch. After we all had our workout, and a volleyball game, we headed to the grocery store to shop for the goods. As we finished up, I noticed an older man following me in a jazzy. He kind of crashed into an aisle, and smiled at me as he said the controls are sensitive :) He then said, "Can I ask you a question?" I replied, "Certainly sir.." He stared off for a bit and I waited in anticipation... what was he going to ask? for my number? A question protesting the fire department? If I'd help him shop? My mind was swirling..... he finally said.. "Do you follow the ambulance?" To which confused me a bit... I was in the ambulance that day, but in the grocery store I had my fire pants on, so he assumed I was just a firefighter, as most people don't understand we do BOTH jobs these days.  After I figured it out... I answered, "Yes, we do, I am working there today in fact." He then proceeded to tell me of a call that he thought it was me, helping him, and said he looked up to see a "beautiful blonde angel" assisting him. I bit my bottom lip so I wouldn't cry, because I'm tough right?? He then went on to say, he wanted to talk to me, and express his thanks for us helping him. He said he may need help again sometime, I told him I'd be there and to call me anytime, and that he has my number...911

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  1. UM - this might be my favorite story EVER!! Bahahaha, he has your number, I love it. So proud of you, ma blonde Angel!