Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Firefighter/Paramedic Bihlmaier

FF/Paramedic Jeanie Budge Bihlmaier

 It's been said that people come into our lives for a reason. That is definately the case here. I met Jeanie almost 2 years ago, at the North Fork Fire Dept. I had started there, in 1999. I've always worked there off and on, and in this case, was asked by the assistant chief to cover a shift while he was out of town. Jeanie and I were on that shift. We worked all day, and talked and laughed, and while I was going through a very difficult trial, she was supportive and instantly protective after knowing me just a few hours :)
At that time, She had just finished her firefighter training, at UVU in the Recruit Academy. I was in the middle of paramedic school, stressed out of my mind.  She applied for UVU's paramedic program and was accepted, and also made the class president. I finished medic school, and she carried on with her class.
Jeanie and son Lander
I visited her occasionally on her ride-along shifts at my station, and we kept in touch daily. It was nice to have someone, to talk to, after a hard shift, or clinical... Someone that was going through it too.
She had been testing, and interviewing for jobs for months.  Along came Provo Fire & Rescue.  I was with her, when she received the news that she had passed the first test, and was moving on to the next one. We screamed like teenage girls that just got asked to their first dance :) She tested, was interviewed, and offered a position. Again, screaming ensued. We keep in touch now, every shift, every call, every day. It's been awesome, to have someone go through the same struggles and trials in a male dominated job. She claims I am her inspiration, well she is my motivation to keep going when this job gets rough, as well as my inspiration to be a great mom.  She is definately a best friend I'll have forever.
Congrats Jeanie, love you and SO proud of the paramedic you are, and will be...

Jeanie in boot camp, training for new job