Wednesday, April 25, 2012


     Took a blog break and now I'm back!! With some great posts! Todays is a lil story, about a car accident I responded to a while back. It happened on a nice day, mid-afternoon. Home skillet was driving along, and claimed another car hit him head on, and spun him around a few times, and drove off. When I arrives on scene, there was a slew of peeps hanging out with home skillet. I walked a long them and asked them where they were sitting, etc. NONE of them having been in the car. Just a few fellas having a BBQ when they heard the crash. When I got to the driver (home skillet) I asked him if he was ok, and of course he was a little shaken up. I saw no obvious injuries, and checked his car, and told him he was lucky and the usual banter about him wearing his seat belt. I noticed however, that as he was speaking with me, he had brown on his hand. I didn't smell anything, so I ignored it. I moved on to talking with the police officer that responded, and let my partner get some information for our paperwork. I noticed he had some of the same brown ALL OVER the seat of his pants. So, naturally in my assumptions (coming from 12 years of experience) I assumed that he pooped himself. I pondered, that he was probably on some sort of drugs, or crashed, devised his story, and pooped all in the same split second. The times I see a "CODE BROWN" are usually our elderly patient who has been ill, fallen and hadn't made it to the bathroom, or our usual drug or alcohol induced candidate that releases his bowels when he sees the cops with us. Of course that's where my brain went. I decided to look inside the car for any paraphernalia, alcohol bottles, and whatever else I could find to back up my suspicion. And there, plain as day, was a Hershey bar in the drivers seat. Homeboy probably fell asleep, or reached for said Hershey bar, and crashed his car. Thankful it wasn't poop, but then again, what a waste of good chocolate.