Monday, June 21, 2010


This past Saturday, was the Strawberry Days parade. I have always been excited to walk in it, as 4 years ago, it was what made my decision to return to the fire service. I saw them walking, and ran into an old friend from another department, Jason. He told me to come and train with them. Later, I met the chief, and decided I'd work my way back. The next year, after being hired on, I was ecstatic to walk in it!! Although, my entire family was out of town. I walked and loved it, but it was a downer for me, knowing nobody knew my accomplishments. The last year, I decided not to even walk. I had some other work things going on, and decided I'd avoid it. This year, I knew I had to. I have no marriage anymore, and knew possibly I'd have some family. But I did it for me, to walk with my friends. It proved to be AWESOME. So great. We displayed the last 100 years, of fire service, starting with a hose cart, the our old fire truck, and an engine, then our new tiller truck. We all walked behind it. I had people yelling my name, other people clapping and cheering at "the female one" and I high fived children along the way. The best moment, was an odd duck walking down his driveway, asking me to come over to him. I ignored and kept high fiving. Once he caught up to me, he claimed... "Ma buddy had a flower for ya, but he chickened out!" I ran closer to my boys LOL. Such a funny moment, as I typically have them. I saw my nephews, and my parents, and my nieces family all there waving. It was great, and a great moment for me to see how far I have come, and how much more I still need to accomplish!


  1. Congrats! Good for you and stay proud

  2. You looked marvy and we were so proud of you!