Saturday, May 8, 2010

Symbol of Strength...

From the beginning of time, fighters have been known for their courage, bravery, and their strength. Along this line, falls the public safety heroes, military of course, and medical workers. These are our fighters. Recently a big change has begun in my life. The most difficult time I have yet to face. I cannot begin to describe, how broken and fragile I am, despite the responsibility I owe to the citizens I work for. Firefighters are a major symbol of strength. What I'm learning about myself most through this, is that while I am required to maintain my strength, it is impossible for me. Until, I walk through the doors of my fire station. A fire captain relies on his crew, for them to perform the required duties he assigns each call. A partner, relies on his partner, to back him up in all ways of the call, two in, two out. And as a team, we rely on each other to make it through the smallest of medical issues, up to the biggest home explosion disaster. What I have learned, is although I am the weakest at this point, my brothers some how have enough strength to spill over to me. While my captains rely on me to work smart, they have no idea how much I rely on them right now, and they more than support me. While I feel most alone, and usually choose to be, I have never felt more love, and caring, than I have of my brothers and sisters at the station. A true circle has formed around me in a way I can't explain. I'm scared of ever doing anything, to break that loyalty circle. The community relies on me when they dial 911, but I really rely on them these days. It's a pleasure to serve someone in need, when you feel so broken you can't breathe. You forget about it for a second, and I am thankful to help in their time of fear. I've always been a proud part of this extended family, and so honored to be a part of it. I will never know how to repay them for carrying me through this time in my life, but needless to say, I feel as though as instead of 2 in 2 out in my emergency, its me in, and 55 carrying me out. They truly are, my symbol of strength. Thank you, my fire family.

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