Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lil' Heroes

Ask any little boy you see, and what does he say he wants to be when he grows up?? A Fireman. Some say police, but they realize they are better than that, and move on to firefighting :) At the station, we typically do tours at the fire station. We show the scout group, class, church group around, and answer questions. They all have similar questions, and the thought of sleeping over and "living" at the station they can't believe. They all love the trucks, but who doesn't! We sneak in fire safety tips, and safety lessons in hopes of prevention. Last month, I had a very special visitor. Shey. She just turned 3, and calls me "her hero." The tought of it, makes me misty eyed. Never once growing up, did I want to be a firefighter. Not until age 20. Every little girls dream is a princess, a mom, a movie star. The thought that she is impressed by my job, makes me the proudest I'll ever be. Plenty of boys have run through the station, and I've heard the various banter.... "whoa, a girl!!!" or "are you a fireman, er fireperson??" The utter shock nearly sends them to the floor. Or if I'm asked where I work, and I answer, the common response is.. "Oh, like a secretary?" Coyly I reply, "Not even close...." Shey came to see me, with a little cousin that was also a girl. I showed them where I ate, slept, and the stinky boys I work with. Shey loves ambulances, and asks her mom when she see's it, if I'm in it. She sat in my seat on the fire truck, and as any girl would notice, loved the red seatbelts. She talks to her mom about the "fire place" often and asks when she can come back. Her visit was just the dose of motivation I needed. A little 3 year old girl, who loves my job, and that we both love the color pink. I'm amazed that she is entertained at the idea that I ride around in big red trucks and help people. Who knows what Shey will do when she grows up. However, with her ambission, and spit fire personality, I know it'll be something amazing. She reminds me of someone I know too well ;) She truly motivates me to be proud of myself, and to work harder, for all the little girls who will fill the boots someday!! Thank you Shey!


  1. Cute story and I love your pictures :)

  2. I found your blog over at TwoIn-TwoOut. I'm a firefighter's wife and can't wait to read more!

  3. Whenever I read your blog I get all emotional. So I try not to read it actually. Youre my hero too.

  4. Ah, I really smiled when I read this. I grew up on "Johnny and Roy", "Code Red" and in my teen years, "Rescue 911"! From the time I was little and saw a female FF on Code Red, I wanted to be like her. But I was shy, I wasn't athletic....and much to my surprise, I went to college for Law Enforcement. Got into that, wasn't my calling, and a FF boyfriend talked me into taking the FD test. By then I'd had EMT, "just because", used it via the Ski Patrol, and considered very seriously applying to paramedic school. Back to the boyfriend who talked me into the Test (you know that Test) which I trained for and passed. So...childhood dream come true!


    Got through all the department academics (through Haz Mat specialist), went to the Tower, had a training accident which led to surgery, light duty, and then lost my job through budget cuts.

    I confess I still love reading about the Life, even though I know I'm not called to it. Was quite a ride, though, and glad to have found your blog. :-)

    OK, I'll shut up now.

  5. THANK YOU for posting this! I love your blog!!

    Common Cents

    ps. Would you like to exchange links?

  6. Hey Mindi...I found your blog (obviously) and it's adorable. Love ya...you're such a strong woman!

  7. Thank you all, for the comments! It keeps me writing!! THANK YOU!!!