Saturday, February 6, 2010

gadgets and gizmos...

Can I just say, I love my job.  I know it's silly, but I can't think of a better shift thatn my last one. It started off with a night of paramedic school. Loving it, it's hard but so worth every minute. After, My partner JAke and I went to Wendy's for food, since I was whining forever about starving. We were too scared to drive the ambulance through the drive thru, as it was so tight, and the lobby was closed, so we uh walked through the drive thru. I've never giggled so hard. I thought I was so naughty!! We then got some drinks in the gas station for our comrades, to where I ran into an old freind, as Jake was preppered with questions about our new HUGE truck, and why we drive it everywhere. REALLY? why do we drive a FIRETRUCK everywhere?? Cuz we are firefighters, see, and we need all sorts of gadgets and gizmos, that we have no way of knowing will be needed on a particular call. It's essentially a womans purse, or diaper bag, only bigger :) UH, should we be on scooters carrying a wee axe, and hope it covers our needs? duh dude. Anyhow, we sat aroung the kitchen table for a good 30 minutes as a crew, laughing, joking, and chatting the night away. I have to say, I love those guys. I'm constantly hugging and jumping on them like a wee spider monkey, because I feel like their little sister. We then watched a movie, and most everyone went to sleep. I went to my room and organized all my paramedic study materials and slept for an hour or two, but loved that night. No calls, which is not as fun, but good for the general public.


  1. I kind of resent my truck being compared to a woman's purse! :) Good luck with your studies.

  2. Mindi,

    You are my kind of gal! I am 41 and just starting to climb the ladder to live my dream. When I was was younger I wanted to be a firefighter paramedic. ( I always tell people I want to be Roy DeSoto -the female equivalent anyway). I have worked in school age child care all of my adult life but I start EMT school the end of March. I am hoping to take it all the way to FD paramedic. You inspire me! And I am 4 foot 10 so I love that you're short too!

    Your comparison of the truck to a woman's purse or diaper bag is hysterical to me! It might not be fully appreciated by some but I like it! :)

    Oh, and you look awesome in your uniform!

  3. A scooter with a wee axe?!! I love you, that's hilarious. And ps - my purse is the same size as a fire truck. Sigh...