Sunday, January 24, 2010

Schooled Me...

After my first few weeks of Paramedic school, I am perplexed. Genuinely mixed, about the flood of emotions. Excitement, entrapment, overwhelmed, annoyed, inexperienced...just to name a few. I am so back and forth, its comical. I know, I know, I am a woman. I am insecure, yet indestructable. I am up, then down etc. You get the picture. I have to say, that for being an EMT for 10 years, I can't believe how much knowledge sits in my many books. The paramedic book alone, being 2000 pages. I always thought a knew the job, was comfortable, and confident--yet never knew how much more I could have known in that time. How much more I could've done. I am loving the new information I am learning, and can't wait for rotations, to put it to good use. Hopefully I will study enough, and retain enough, that I can love my almost perfect job even more. I am nervous but excited for the next few months in school, and hope that I keep a good attitude as it is quite demanding. I look forward to the day, that I can sew a red patch onto my dress shirt, (wish it was PINK...) and step up my game just a little bit more each day that passes thereafter!!

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