Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Delicious Bass..and THANKS!!

I'm trying something new today. It's called tilapia, and I'm scared. The fellas a t the station are making me eat their fish for lunch. I'm trying to eat more healthy, so hopefully it wont tast like it. I asked my partners on the truck today, Jake and Britt, what I should write about, and they said "a delicious bass....."  I am hoping that I rather enjoy it, as if we get any sort of unpleasant medical call, or a working fire, I may be in trouble. Things at the station are slow so far today, I'm studying, Jake and Britt are working on some fire tests, and the rescue is off grocery shopping for our bass. While I'm thouroghly enjoying my day, I would love to get a much needed nap in, or "safety nap" due to my latest squabbles in insomnia land.  


On a more serious note, THANK YOU to all who follow this site, and to all who just stop by for a gander. I really love the comments and notes I get, from any and all people. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, for checking out my blog, it truly is entertaining to write, especially knowing you stop by for a spell :)


  1. I'm curious, too! I never heard about the fish story...

    And for the record, YOU are a delicious bass.