Friday, October 16, 2009

Must be this tall to ride....

Recently, the department I currently work for, purchased a custom built tiller truck.  A large ladder truck, that has a separate encasement in the rear, for a "tillerman" to drive.  It is such a monstrousity, it requires 2 separate drivers. What is funny about me, and this truck, "Tillie" I call her, is yes...the size difference. I am, just over 5 feet tall. this beast, is 66 feet long. I can stand up inside the cab.  I have been learning what tools and toys are in the compartments on the outside. What's sad, is I can't reach a lot of them!! During my last training, one section was modified, (so I like to think) for me to pull a bucket out of the lower compartment, to reach the higher one! It's quite comical, that in a world of "safety first" and on a large edifice like Tillie, with more ladders than any vehicle this side of the Mississippi, I use a bucket to reach the goods. The first time I met the creature, I stood next to her, and circled her many times looking for the height requirement. The dorky wooden creepy animal with its hand risen "just so" yeah, just so I can't ride it. Luckily for me, there were none around... I got my first ride in it, and for the intimidation it is, I could've easily mistaken my seat for a plush recliner. She truly is a spacious gem. Now, getting in and out, is another story. Good thing I took years, of dance training, little did I know my high kicks and split leaps would come in handy in the career of my choice. As for now, Tillie and I get along just fine. Her tires just about pass me in height, but hey, I like a good pair of heels myself. Needless to say, I feel like close to a million bucks riding around town. 

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