Sunday, March 7, 2010

KB wins

While I've always been a fan of the Oscars, the dresses, the hair, the jewelry, I have always shouted the disclaimer, that teachers, police, fire, EMS, should recieve such publicized honors as much as actors do.  I spent the evening with my close friends, one of which I have known throughout my fire/EMS career, Cody, who is now a captain where I work. We had a fun night, and myself and my best friend Julia, were cheering on Kathryn Bigelow in hopes she'd be the first female to win as a director.  She won. We screamed and hollered and were SO excited for the huge step she made for all women. After, her film The Hurt Locker won for best picture as well!! We screamed again, and neither of us have seen the movie. After the other two men gave their acceptance speech, one pulled her to the microphone. She dedicated her previous Oscar win, to the men and women serving in the military, and rightly so.  This time, she dedicated it to the men and women in uniform everyday, Fire, EMS police, etc. My jaw dropped.... I went silent for a second then completely tried to hold it together (especially in front of my fire captain...) that not only we were recognized at the biggest event for all of film, but that it was by the first female winner. Major props, Kathryn Bigelow. Thank you, for the recognition...


  1. Even though she acted a little drunk she was still alert enough to make a good speach and mention all of the men and women in uniform.

  2. i totally thought of my wee firewoman friend... the true heros.